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Regan van Rooy is a boutique international tax and structuring firm, focussing on Africa. Established in 2016, we provide pragmatic advice on all taxation and structuring aspects for inbound and outbound African clients. We leverage our deep experience across the African continent to deliver value and find solutions. We have offices in Johannesburg, Dublin and Mauritius, and we work with a hand-picked network of advisors and sister firms across Africa.

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Regan van Rooy

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How you structure your business is a critical question as you expand globally.  The right structure will protect your assets, improve your currency position, support your business operations, facilitate future business expansion and changes, and optimise your overall tax rate. Trying to unscramble a sub-optimal structure entered into in haste or without full consideration of relevant facts is complex and expensive, so it’s important to plan upfront.

Structuring is both a science and an art – this is our specialist area of expertise. Regan van Rooy is an international tax and structuring advisory firm focussing on Africa. We have offices in South Africa, Mauritius and Ireland and we can help you with any international tax or structuring query.