Do you need help navigating the ever-changing landscape that is transfer pricing? 

Do you have questions about how to adapt your tax structure in order to ensure smooth transactions between your various enterprises?

As transfer pricing is becoming more and more integrated with international tax frameworks, there is a growing need for tax consultants who have a deep understanding of local and international transfer pricing rules and requirements. We consider transfer pricing not simply a compliance requirement, but the critical cornerstone from which to build a successful structure.  

How your group entities transact with each other is the real structuring question, and this is why any successful international structure must be underpinned by an optimised transfer pricing framework. Formulating and sustaining such a framework is the key to getting it right the first time – and getting it right every time  

Transfer pricing and the global market

A core part of today’s international tax environment is transfer pricing. This is typically the key area of focus for tax authorities globally, with complex and rapidly changing rules and documentation requirements. 

So what does this mean for your business in the context of Africa? Your business structure depends on your tax advisor having their finger on the pulse of international regulations and requirements. Navigating transfers from within the context of a developing nation may likely entail additional considerations, challenges and risks that a seasoned professional will be able to walk you through. 

Enlisting the help of qualified experts with multinational transfer pricing experience and a deep understanding of the African and international context is key to maintaining the integrity of your company’s structure, and ensuring a seamless transfer pricing solution. 

How we can help:

Transfer pricing and international tax frameworks can be complicated, especially with the current pace of change and the aggression of taxation authorities.

We can help you navigate the minefield that is transfer pricing in Africa. We can offer you the full suite of transfer pricing services, including:

  • Strategic advice, planning, and policy design
  • Health Checks, Risk Assessments & Audit Reviews
  • Intellectual Property 
  • Controversy, dispute resolution, APAs and MAPs
  • Documentation, including Master File and Local Files
  • Country-by-country reporting
  • Benchmarking
  • Credit rating analysis and debt carrying capacity
  • Business model optimisation 
  • Operational TP and implementation support
  • Tailored Training 
  • TP Secondments 

We offer end-to-end transfer pricing services that will help you optimise your framework for the ever-changing international arena and set you up for transfer success. Whether you need help in one or all of these key areas, we are able to offer you pragmatic, data-based advice that will help you make informed decisions.

Why Regan van Rooy?

At Regan van Rooy we are passionate about helping companies achieve their financial goals with our boutique-style approach to tax, structuring and transfer pricing. We believe that a one-size-fits-all approach to business does not exist, which is why our unique, tailored services and solutions are flexible enough to accommodate any requirement you may have. 

As an international tax and structuring advisory firm with a laser focus on the ever-changing African financial landscape, we are proud to partner with businesses like yours who want to strengthen and reinforce their transfer pricing frameworks in order to achieve local and international success. 

Our nimble team of qualified industry experts are leaders in their respective fields and have proven track records in finding the best ways to apply their knowledge to your unique context. Our team of advisors comprises several industry heavyweights who have spent decades honing their skill, credibility, and character, and who are as passionate about tax and structuring as you are about your business. 

With a Regan van Rooy consultant on your team, you can be assured that your transfer pricing needs are in excellent hands. Our team is ready to assist you with any transfer pricing or structuring query you may have.

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