Are you facing Tax challenges as your business scales for growth and the tax world gets ever more complex? 

Do you have any pressing questions about your company’s tax compliance status?

Are you worried about your company’s tax risk framework?

Whether you are launching a startup, running a medium-sized company, or heading up a large-scale organisation, the importance and value of fact-based, contextualised tax advice is the same. Every growing business depends on accurate information in order to make informed decisions to move forward. 

The area of business tax is no exception and is critically important to your success. We understand that this area can sometimes be complicated or even confusing, so the need for competent tax advisors who understand the complexities of tax, structuring and compliance and can formulate simple, effective solutions for your business is high.

Tax advice in the context of Africa

We are aware that doing business on African soil brings with it unique opportunities and challenges. Furthermore, doing business across multiple continents and contexts will require you to make further considerations for your company in terms of tax and structuring.  

Our team of tax advisory experts is seasoned in the particular challenges of tax in the African context. They have their ears to the ground as far as the African and international financial landscape is concerned. They will help you navigate challenges that have the potential to impact your business with insight and expertise, and provide you with the data-backed answers you need to make informed decisions.

The need for data-driven, contextualised tax advice

Since no two businesses are the same, the same can be said for tax advice. A cookie-cutter approach to tax planning simply cannot work. A tax consultant who is able to frame your unique business within the greater context of African finance and the world, and offer advice based on numbers and relevant risk factors, is essential.

Our Tax Advisory Team can assist with the following:

  • Tax advisory on all corporate taxation matters
  • Tax audit management
  • Tax Controversy Management
  • Tax health checks
  • Tax due diligence
  • Deep expertise in corporate & personal tax planning & wealth protection

Your business depends on facts to move forward. Data-driven, contextualised tax advice is key to keeping your business compliant and on the path to growth and success. 

How we can help you:

Our team of tax advisors can advise on any taxation issue facing your business in South Africa, Mauritius, and across the African continent, with a focus on cross-border tax issues. Whether you are looking at how best to enter a new jurisdiction, resolve a Revenue audit, optimise your global structure, or reduce your overall tax charge, we can assist.

Our team are specialists in the key international tax areas of:

  • double taxation agreements
  • residence
  • transfer pricing 
  • controlled foreign companies
  • expatriate taxation; and
  • withholding taxes.

Whatever your tax needs are, big or small, you can be sure that your business will be given the highest priority.

Why Regan van Rooy?

The fact that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to tax, structuring, and business as a whole is part of the reason why our unique, boutique-style approach to our clients works so well. Established in 2016, Regan van Rooy has built a positive reputation for our pragmatic, realistic approach to tax and structuring.

As an international tax and structuring advisory firm focused specifically on inbound and outbound African clients, we believe that our deep understanding of the continent’s ever-changing financial landscape allows us to offer your unique business context the tailored approach it needs – and deserves. Whether you need assistance with a once-off project or advice on an ongoing basis, our commitment to your success is the same. We would be proud to be part of your business journey by offering you the best, most practical tax advice possible.

Our flexible, efficient team of industry experts is able to adapt and view your business through various lenses, so you can be assured that you will receive fact-based advice, from key angles, that are in your best interests. Our team is ready to assist you with any local or international tax advice you may need.

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