Regan van Rooy contributes to upliftment programmes in Mauritius

At Regan van Rooy we are proud to be giving back by partnering with the I61 Foundation, a Mauritian NGO focused on upliftment programmes in the local community.  We believe that part of our responsibility as a corporate doing business in Africa and Mauritius is to function responsibly within our particular ecosystem and to contribute to the communities where we have our home. 

Upliftment and empowerment are not just about ‘doing the right thing’, but about building a sustainable and prosperous mutual future that will benefit business and locals alike. 

Regan van Rooy has chosen to support the I61 Foundation as their responsible and considered approach, as well as transparency and accountability, align with our company values.  The I61 Foundation is a collaborative platform linking NGO projects with funders who have the same focus and passion as they do. 100% of funds allocated to projects reach their beneficiaries, participants are screened and projects are monitored and supported throughout so that all funders can receive a comprehensive report on completion

The I61 Foundation’s projects have had a significant impact in Mauritius, with 22 completed projects in various locations across Mauritius as shown on the map below.

We are privileged to have been able to see firsthand the positive impact that these projects have had on their individual communities. Here are some of the Mauritian projects that our support has enabled:

Upgrading a home for a young woman who had lost her family
Our funding support, through I61 Foundation, assisted a local charity in providing materials and skilled assistants to enable the upgrade of a home belonging to a young woman in an uninhabitable state, in Case Noyale. This young woman had lost her family and was living alone. Two lockdowns and many challenges delayed the project, however, the roof was built and the house was made waterproof and habitable. The charity will continue working closely with this young woman to install toilets, water, and electricity until the project is completed.

Sanitation/Water project to improve water access for over 40 families

Regan van Rooy provided funding to the Carre d’As Sanitation Project being run by Pont du Tamarinier and the Tamarin Village Council. Previously, there were two water reservoirs in the village of Carre d’As supplying 48 families,  which left villagers struggling to access clean water near their homes. The goal of this project was to improve water access and sanitation. The inhabitants of Carre dÁs now have a place to wash their clothes and dishes more easily due to a second water tank being added ad raised, washing basins having been built, and taps having been installed at 4 points of the village.

Saveurs Typique empowers 6 women to start a catering business

This project supported seven women who had joined forces and launched their own catering unit named ‘Saveur Typique’. Since July 2020, the women have been selling local dishes on a pilot basis and were able to secure a ‘clientele’ in their surrounding area. Unfortunately, the space they were using was narrow and not well equipped, which limited their production. This project supported these women in setting up a well-equipped and secure kitchen in a refurbished container within the compound of ‘La Maison Communautaire Nou Tou Ansam’, and they are now successfully serving their community and building a viable business.

Sun Kids School Meals

The Sun Kids Education programme supports 85 children between the ages of 4 and 13 years from vulnerable families, in two centers, Vacoas and Riviere Noire. Due to the Covid-19 Crisis, the funding Ti Rayons Soleil should have received from the National Social Inclusion Fund (NSIF) was drastically reduced.  As a result, the operation was in need of financial support for the ongoing educational support programmes, which were provided through I61 Foundation.

Rainwater harvesting project to increase accessibility to water
As the west coast of Mauritius is the driest and hottest part of the island (and one of the poorest), there are many families in this area without access to running water. The I61 Foundation thus partnered with the National Empowerment Foundaion (NEF) to install and oversee a rainwater harvesting project in Black River/Tamarin, so that residents have access to stored water during drier seasons. One of the local residents was also upskilled and taught how to install the rainwater harvesting systems for others in his village.

Covid-19 Response 2020/2021
During the Covid-19 confinement period in Mauritius, families were not able to access food and other necessities as all grocery stores were closed and many families could not purchase food due to retrenchment and loss of income. During this time the I61 Foundation was able to work together with Caritas Ile Maurice and La Trobe Co. Ltd to distribute 436 food packs to 25 villages around the island. The I61 Foundation also funded 2000 gloves for Caritas Ile Maurice staff and volunteers for safety during the distribution of food packs.

Etoile d’Esperance Midway Rehabilitation House
Etoile d’Esperance, which assists with the rehabilitation of individuals dependent on alcohol, provides a safe haven for many vulnerable women. This NGO wanted to be able to offer those women who had been released from the rehabilitation programme, but were either not welcomed back by their families or not financially stable enough to live on their own, a little more time to get on their feet. Regan van Rooy contributed funding to complete the refurbishment of two containers to create the Midway House of Etoile d’Esperance which now provides this facility.

Regan van Rooy is proud to have contributed financially to these upliftment projects and will continue to support NGO I61 in the work that they do in Mauritius.