Do you need an experienced tax specialist who is available to help you right now? Do you have a gap in your tax team that you need to plug? Do you have a short-term crunch period where you need a steady extra pair of hands?

We have a panel of experts offering experienced, pragmatic, in-sourced solutions and services in the following key technical areas:

● Corporate tax compliance
● Revenue audits
● Transfer pricing
● CFC compliance
● Employee or expatriate taxes
● Withholding taxes
● VAT compliance
● Project management / implementation

We can parachute in specialist help as and when you need it. We will in-source to fill gaps for staff who are on short or longer-term leave, where a new hire is being recruited, or to up-skill your existing staff. We can also help you fill gaps over crunch periods, e.g., during year-end audits, revenue queries, start-ups or expansions, company restructurings, compliance with new legislation, implementing new processes, compliance deadlines, etc. Our people are available on tap to provide services, for as short or as long as you need.

Benefits of using our tax locum services:
Enlisting the help of a Regan van Rooy tax locum for your business allows you to reap the many benefits of working with some of the best tax professionals in the game:

  • Access: find professionals who fully prioritise your business’s needs, goals, and vision and in-source the findings for your business to grow;
  • Flexibility: discover the joys of easy, flexible tax assistance as and when you need it;
  • Convenience: source experts instantly without the stress of time-consuming recruitment;
  • Professionalism: enjoy top-class service from our competent, highly-skilled team;
  • Integrity: work with honest people who will protect the integrity of your business.

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How can we help?

How you structure your business is a critical question as you expand globally.  The right structure will protect your assets, improve your currency position, support your business operations, facilitate future business expansion and changes, and optimise your overall tax rate. Trying to unscramble a sub-optimal structure entered into in haste or without full consideration of relevant facts is complex and expensive, so it’s important to plan upfront.

Structuring an international business is both a science and an art – this is our specialist area of expertise. Regan van Rooy is an international tax and structuring advisory firm focussing on Africa. We have offices in South Africa, Mauritius and Ireland and we can help you with any international tax or structuring query.